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This Preserved Phoenix Palm leaf is mounted in a bespoke waxed wooden box frame with glass.

The leaf sits against a painted background.


Phoenix is a genus of 14 species of palms, native to an area starting from the Canary Islands in the west, across northern and central Africa, to the extreme southeast of Europe (Crete), and continuing throughout southern Asia from Turkey east to southern China and Malaysia.[3] The diverse habitats they occupy include swamps, deserts, and mangrove sea coasts.


There is a picture cord on the reverse for hanging.

Framed Phoenix Palm

  • 400mm x 800mm x 35mm

    These palms have been grown sustainably, harvested and Preserved with natural ingredients. As these are natural products they should not be hung in direct sunlight and areas of Humidity over 80% should be avoided.

    The preservation process uses natural, non toxic products. Preserved plants are 100% biodegradable. The natural sap of the plant is replaced with a preservative similar to sugar, to maintain the plants flexibility and organic dyes are used.

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